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SAS not able to store output in WORK

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SAS not able to store output in WORK



Does anyone know what could cause SAS EG not being able to store output in the temororary WORK library?

My code, query, and filter run just fine (no warning or any other indication of error), but no output is shown in the process flow, nor can I find the output in the WORK library.

I could only store query output in my personal library now - which can be inconvinient, as sometimes all I wanted to see is a numberical result and no need to store it.


Thank you very much!



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Re: SAS not able to store output in WORK

Are you running in a Grid server environment by chance?  If so, perhaps your code is running on a Grid session, thus writing the output data to it's WORK library, not the workspace session's WORK library, explaining why you would not see it in EG's Server view.


Also, try right-clicking the WORK library in EG's Servers view and click Refresh to make sure its not just a refresh issue (the view doesn't automatically refresh when new tables are created).

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Re: SAS not able to store output in WORK

Hi Zilong,


Did you check you options (from the Tools => Options) especially the Output Library?




If you move WORK at the top of the list, and re-run your task, does that change the result?




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