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SAS integrated with remote WebSphere and Apache.

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SAS integrated with remote WebSphere and Apache.

I'm having a problem to migrate my SAS on Windows OS. to RedHat OS.
Our new version is 9.1.3.

first: I chose not install the TomCat Server because I've the WebSphere installed in other server, so I guess I only need to do a aponintment to this server, but when I've to do it?

When I'm configuring the SAS, it asked me to appoint to the TomCat root directory.
But I chose not use the TomCat server.

The same problem happen with Apache Server.

What I supoused to do? just click in next and do it later ?

Is it possible, Install SAS with a remote application server (WebSphere) and remote webserver (Apache)?
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Re: SAS integrated with remote WebSphere and Apache.

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Installation questions are best handled by Tech Support. As some of these Tech Support notes indicate, there may be issues with your installation or things that you have to do differently: (WebSphere & Mkting Automation)

Since every installation of the BI Platform could have a different configuration and combination of machines running different operating systems, Tech Support will have a better chance of collecting YOUR specific installation setup, looking at YOUR site's PLAN for installation and help you with specific setup questions.

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