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SAS file saved in later version 7.13

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SAS file saved in later version 7.13

Hi everyone, good afternoon.


Question: I have different versions of SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) 7.1 on two different machines. On a machine that has 7.13 HF1 Copyright 2016, I have saved an egp file. I have another machine that has sas EG 7.11 HF1 Copyright 2015.

I am receiving an error message "Unable to open file C:\SAS\..*.egp as a valid file".


Is there a way to save the egp file on the machine with 7.13 version as a 7.11 version file?


Please advise.


Thank you.

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Re: SAS file saved in later version 7.13

Hi @Murali11, I think that all v7.1 files should be able to be opened in all v7.1 variations -- that is, the file format is supposed to be backwards compatible from 7.13 to 7.11.  However, I've heard of a couple of exceptions -- bugs -- and this might be one.  You might need to work with SAS Tech Support on this to verify and see if there is a fix for you.

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Re: SAS file saved in later version 7.13

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Thank you for your rapid response. I appreciate it.


Murali Sastry

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