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SAS error in batch jobs

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SAS error in batch jobs

========= Execute the SAS Job ==========

I have scheduled job running on every monday but because of following errors it is failed.

Need suggetions on below errors.  Thank you


1. ExecSASJob was called with                                          
    Errorlevel 0                                                       
    Errorlevel 2: SAS pgm problem encountered                          
    in :Error                                                                    
   Jobname failed.


2. Write to TMPLIB.DETAIL_INFO_ADD.DATA failed. File is full and may be damaged.



3. The following columns were not found in the contributing tables: xyz_name,etc.


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Re: SAS error in batch jobs

File is full usually means that the disk is full - you've run out of space in TMPLIB.

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Re: SAS error in batch jobs

Thank You
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