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SAS enterprise guide Export

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SAS enterprise guide Export

Hi all,

- need help please

- one my our users exporting big SAS dataset from SAS eg 7.1 to his local C:\ drive and he is getting error "access is denied" - where i am able to export it as SAS admin...

can anyone could please let me know what could be done from SAS MC (using 9.3 version) to treat it? also- how big dataset could be exported from SAS EG to local drive?

- Thanks

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Re: SAS enterprise guide Export

Are you sure this is SAS Enterprise Guide?  You reference version 7.1, which is a SAS Enterprise Miner version number.

If you want to export a SAS data set from as a sas7bdat file to your local drive, using Enterprise Guide, look at the Tasks->Data->Download SAS Data Set task.


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Re: SAS enterprise guide Export

Posted in reply to ChrisHemedinger

Thanks for your reply Chris and sorry but i did misrepresented. I am using sas eg 5.1

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Re: SAS enterprise guide Export

The size of the file you can export is dependent on available disk space.

"Access is denied" can have multiple causes (list not exhaustive):

-- overwriting a file that a user has opened elsewhere.

-- user does not have write permission to drive or directory.

-- sometimes a Microsoft glitch.  You may be able to clear it by looking at the directory properties and clearing the read-only check-box.

Doc Muhlbaier


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