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SAS code

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SAS code

I want to add numbers to the labels of SAS programs and tasks in a process flow.  Can I do that with SAS code? 

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Re: SAS code

You cannot use SAS code (or any scripting/automation) to rename items in the process flow -- at least not in any supported manner.

Now, just between us...

Others on this community will point out that an EGP file is a ZIP archive under-the-covers (I'm pre-empting them here!), and you could use various methods to "hack" your change by unzipping/rezipping the file.  However, I will tell you that SAS cannot recommend/support that approach since it's risky to use non-SAS tools to modify SAS files; this can result in a corrupted project file.

Always ensure you have a good backup version.  Creating backups of project files is an excellent practice anyway.


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