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SAS code runs manually but "hangs" when run Automatically

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SAS code runs manually but "hangs" when run Automatically



I have a batch process which consist of some 5-6 sas codes, this runs everyday via a windows scheduler (the vesrion is SAS EG 9.4).

The codes have been running automatically at 09:30 am in the morning everyday for the past 6 months. 


Since last Friday, i have run into a weird issue. The first code in the process (it reads an XML) gets hung at one place in the code (the run time of the code is ~8 mins). This place is where dataset X is formed by a right join of dataset Y and Z in a proc sql. Dataset X is 1.2 GB in size. The code always hangs here and this has started happening only since last Friday. Before that there was never such issues.


As the process delays, i kill the scheduler, and run the code manually at the same time and it runs just fine. I have been trying to replicate the issue, at some times of the day the code take 17 mins to run and some times 8 mins (via scheduler). But when run manually it always runs ~8 mins.


There was NO change/modification made to the code before the problem started happening. There was though a vulnerability fix done to the SAS web server (apache) from my client side.We also tried changing the network location of the datasets to F drive, we are still facing the same issue.


Any ideas why this would be happening? and how to fix this issue?



Apeksha Pathak

Apeksha Pathak



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Re: SAS code runs manually but "hangs" when run Automatically

Are X, Y, and Z all SAS datasets?


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Re: SAS code runs manually but "hangs" when run Automatically

If this coincides with a software update, such as you mention about Apache, I would investigate any permissions you use. Possibly the "fix" defaulted to a traffic limit setting, read/write permission change or similar.


Your scheduler may have slightly different permissions set.


And when you say "run manually" do you mean in EG or Base SAS?


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