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SAS User Defined Formats

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SAS User Defined Formats

We currently have two seperate SAS environemts, one running SAS 9.1 and the other 9.2. I am attempting to transfer an OLAP cube from one to the other but there is a user defined format which does not exist in the 9.2 environment and is therefore causing an error.

Can anyone tell me how I can view all user defined formats in SAS 9.1 and export/import to the 9.2 environment.

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Re: SAS User Defined Formats

You could query SASHELP.VFORMAT.

By looking at the data it seems to me formats with "source='C'" are user defined (not sure about it).

proc format;
value $test
invalue _test

proc sql;
describe view sashelp.vformat;
select source, fmttype,count(*) as N_obs from sashelp.vformat group by source,fmttype;
select * from sashelp.vformat where source='C';


P.S: About copying
If this is from SAS9.1 under Windows to SAS9.2 under Windows then just copying the whole catalogue should be fine.
If a same named catalogue already exists in the target environment then investigate PROC CATALOG (in source: copy formats to "transport" catalogue, move "transport" catalogue to target (i.e. ftp), move or copy formats from "transport" catalogue to target catalogue). Message was edited by: Patrick
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Re: SAS User Defined Formats

Thanks. Running this code provides me with a list of user defined formats in each environment. Can anyone tell me how I go about transferrring them (I can no longer find the PROC FORMAT code used to create them.
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Re: SAS User Defined Formats

Sorry, didn't see the part of your message re copying...will try this....thanks again
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Re: SAS User Defined Formats

Look at this Documentation :

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