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SAS Stored Process and Excel

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SAS Stored Process and Excel


Hello experts,


I have a SAS project which is creating final datasets in the SAS library in SAS EG.

Next I have a excel for the user where about 4 final detail datasets from SAS library were pulled back in excel using SAS Add-in using SASdata option. Later create pivot tables using those details tabs. Now once the SAS process ran in SAS, user can refresh all the tabs in excel.


Now I want to go one step ahead and want to create a stored process. So that user can execute sas process from excel using sas add-in then he can refresh all the tabs created earlier.


But when I am creating a stored process, and trying to execute from excel, its writing all the datasets (meaning all datasets created in the sas process) and writing in the tabs.. which I don’t even want them to be displayed in excel.


When user executes stored process, I want all the sas datasets to get refreshed in SAS library... and just user refreshes details tabs and pivot tables.

Any help will be helpful..



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Re: SAS Stored Process and Excel

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Hi @AnnaShami,


Try unchecking the "Open output data automatically" option in the SAS Addin for Microsoft Office's Tools->Options->Data->Output Data Sets.  That should prevent output data sets from being automatically opened in Excel.



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