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SAS Report

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SAS Report

Using SAS code, I've generated 100 or so tables and charts and would like to drag them into Report layout boxes of SAS Report. But the tables (and charts) are appended--i.e., not individual task items due to the scale of the project. I can "remove all page breaks" (under Edit Report), but then it's no longer possible to drag them into individual layout boxes. Is there a way to make this work, or am I entirely on the wrong path? If so, how else might I approach this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: SAS Report

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We sent this to one of our development experts and he prepared this reply. I hope it helps.


Before I address the questions in the post, let me start by distinguishing between the two types of reports that you can create - Report and Report Snapshot.


This is created by selecting "Create Report" while viewing SAS Report output, or selecting File-New Report. These reports are edited using the "Edit Report Contents" dialog (I assume you were referring to this dialog when you stated "drag them to individual layout boxes"). There is very limited editing here. You can only select where your entire SAS output is placed in the report. You cannot move or delete individual items (tables, text, etc) within that output. We must place this limitation to guarantee reproducibility each time the SAS code is run (for example, the number of tables generated can vary and determining which table was moved or deleted cannot always be determined).

I am assuming this limitation in editing is the main question of the post.

Report Snapshot

This is created by selecting "Create Report Snapshot" while viewing SAS Report output. These reports are not updated when the SAS code which generated the results is executed a second time. Thus, these reports do not have the reproducibility limitation of the above "Report". This allows for much greater editing of any item (table, text, image, graph), including:
• Delete
• Copy/cut/paste
• Move

You can do anything with your output since it is a snapshot.

Can you try to create a "Report Snapshot" and see if that allows the editing you want? After you create your snapshot, try moving and deleting the items in your report.

If you want the full editing and the refreshing of the data, you will need to wait for a future release of EG.
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