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SAS & Percentages

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SAS & Percentages

Hi All,

I would really appreciate any help on the below please. I am new to SAS and do not know how i can get SAS to give me percentages?

I have one report which is made of three different business segments - Small Enterprise,Medium Enterprise,Multi Enterprise,

Small segment makes up 78.3%, Medium 14.2%, Multi 7.5%.

Unfortunately, this is based on old information from a colleague who has left the business.

How can I get SAS to give me percentages based on different segments of the business?

I appreciate any guidance.



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Re: SAS & Percentages

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You posted this in the Enterprise Guide forum, so I assume you want to do this with Enterprise Guide.

1. Start up enterprise guide, and select a "New Project".

2. In the Server List, find your dataset and double click on it to open it into your project.

3. You should now be able to select "Describe" and then "Summary Tables Wizard".

4. Follow the wizard. Select the variable that you want the percentages for (maybe Revenue or Sales?)  as the "Analysis variable". The Statistic will be "Sum" by default; change it to % of column sum. Use the variable that classifies your businesses into small, medium, and multi as your classification variable; put it into the rows. Click "Finish", and see if you like the results.


P.S. Enterprise Guide has a tutorial, which you will probably find very useful.

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Re: SAS & Percentages

Thanks TomKari,

I am going to give this a try when i get back in the office tomorrow - I appreciate your time and will let you know how i get on.Smiley Happy


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