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SAS Inquiry

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SAS Inquiry

I have a question regarding automating SAS programs. I have a program in SAS I run weekly that uses SAS Autoexec process. I would like to fully automate this process by doing like a timed run on my computer; and if I move the process to someone else, would like to have it run on their computer on a weekly basis. Do I have SAS user rights to do something like this?

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Re: SAS Inquiry

If you are referring to a SAS file that runs you will need to make sure the machine/user you transfer the program to also has this file and/or code.


As far as automating the program user(s) will need access to the system scheduler in order to schedule the program to run weekly.


If you are using SAS Enterprise Guide the below SAS note is a great resource


Tips for scheduling a SAS® Enterprise Guide® project

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