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SAS Guide - Exporting XLSX with format

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SAS Guide - Exporting XLSX with format

Hi everyone,


We are working with a project for a customer, to export a data set generated in SAS Enterprise Guide to Excel, and we do need to do this step with formatting.


First question... is out there a way to export with formats?.


So far we tried with ODS but there is a problem with fils in XSLX format in 64 bits.


Second question... does anyone this kind of conflicts when exporting formated data sets from SAS Guide  to excel?


Best regards,



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Re: SAS Guide - Exporting XLSX with format

Which ODS did you try?
ODS EXCEL with proc print should work, but it depends on your version of course - ODS Excel is available in SAS 9.4+
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Re: SAS Guide - Exporting XLSX with format

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You could also try the EXCEL or XLSX LIBNAME engines. SAS feeds through formatting on these based on the SAS column formats and you have further control with the DBTYPE option. 

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