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SAS Entreprise guide interface

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SAS Entreprise guide interface

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Please, I want to do these actions on SAS Entreprise guide interface :


Action 1:

Proc sql;

create table m1 as

select distinct v

from toto;




Action 2:

proc sql;

create table m2 as

select *

from test

where g in('5','6') and h>1 and j=1;



Action 3:

using : left join, inner join, full join in SAS EG


Action 4:

Compare two data (d1, d2) are not in the same folder without opening any data or allocating the libraries

I do not want to make

{ ==> Libname lb1 "c:/m";

         libname lb2 "c:/n";


==> data-- >compare


Thank you

Any documantion for using SAS EG are welcomed






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Re: SAS Entreprise guide interface

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Actions 1 to 3 can be done in a code window.

Action 4 is impossible, one cannot access SAS datasets without defined libraries. That is very basic SAS knowledge.


Ah, yes, and the documentation is here:

Maxims of Maximally Efficient SAS Programmers
How to convert datasets to data steps
How to post code
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Re: SAS Entreprise guide interface

Action 1-3 use query builder which generates SAS SQL code in the background. You can view the code and customize it as well. Or you can include a code node and paste your code into a window.

Action 4. Use a merge with relevant BY.
You can post the full path in your set statements.

Data compare;
Merge 'c:\path\mysasdataset1.sas7bdat'
By id;

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