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SAS Enterprise vs. SAS Foundation

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SAS Enterprise vs. SAS Foundation

I was supposed to have SAS installed on my Windows machine. I was expecting to see SAS Enterprise in my SAS program directory but it is not there. The closest thing I see to it SAS Foundation - version 9.2. This seems to have less functionality and seems more difficult to use than SAS Enteprise. I am a beginner business user and have an SAS for Dummies book, which is all based on SAS Enterprise.

Can anybody tell me what the difference is between SAS Enterprise and SAS Foundation? Shouldn't I also have SAS Enterprise?

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Re: SAS Enterprise vs. SAS Foundation

Check with your IT support group. I think that EGuide comes with SAS 9.2, but it is a separate distribution and separate install. (At least at Duke, if you say you want "SAS," you get Foundation and not EGuide.)

SAS Foundation is the SAS "server" for which Enterprise Guide is the "client."

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Re: SAS Enterprise vs. SAS Foundation

In theory, SAS Foundation encompasses all the SAS programming stuff plus Enterprise Guide. However, in practice a lot of times SAS Foundation really gets used to mean all the SAS programming stuff. If you don't have an application called SAS Enterprise Guide 4 (or 4.2) in your start menu, it probably means they didn't install Enterprise Guide. And you're right: the entire SAS for dummies book is based on Enterprise Guide.

If you aren't certain whether EG was installed, one other Windows trick is to go into Start \ Settings \ Control Panel \ Add or Remove Programs. You shouild see a version of "SAS Enterprise Guide" listed under the Change or Remove Programs pane. If you don't, it's definitely not installed. Check with you IT folks to get it installed.

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