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SAS Enterprise guide & Remote Desktop connection

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SAS Enterprise guide & Remote Desktop connection

Hi all,

I am very new to this tool & have been fiddling through this tool for couple of weeks. Previously, I used SAS EG 6.1 version installed on my local desktop, but the license expired & we moved to the one where SAS 9.4 is installed on a remote desktop. I have certain questions related to the PC version & the remote desktop version:

  • After installing the SA 9.4 on the remote desktop, is there any use for the SAS which is installed on my local drive?
  • Also, what does it mean by connecting the local pc version of SAS to the server version?
  • How does metadata server come in place?

I am trying to get my thoughts clear around how SAS works. It would really helpful if any of you could help me understand this.

I really appreciate it. Thanks!!

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Re: SAS Enterprise guide & Remote Desktop connection

Using a remote desktop for SAS and not your common working environment is saying your it - staff does not want to support SAS or SAS sales failed to get it aligned to your i IT policies. Getting a remote desktop is an isolated desktop not connected to your common working environment.

Eguide is a very advanced client that can connect to a SAS session on every type of server where it has been made available.

The local connection of Eguide is connecting to a sas session running on the same desktop as Eguide. You could see and try that als the old fashioned SAS base on your desktop with a lot of enhancements.

It is possible to run Eguide against an object spawner on a server.  That one will start the needed sas session. In a bi di server environment that objectspawner is managed by the metadata server.

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