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SAS Enterprise export to SAS JMP for postprocessing

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SAS Enterprise export to SAS JMP for postprocessing


I am using EG 6.1 and have a JMP 10 installation as well on the same machine. I quite often 'dump' datasets to JMP to explore something. EG 6.1 'knows' the JMP installation automatically and opens JMP. Where is this connection set? I want now to switch to JMP 11 and I have tried, but EG 6.1 does not recognize it and still opens JMP 10.

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Re: SAS Enterprise export to SAS JMP for postprocessing


SAS Enterprise Guide finds JMP by looking in the Windows registry for the JMP automation instance, and then falls back to the application associated with JSL files.  If you have 32-bit EG and 64-bit JMP (or vice-versa), it might be that EG is finding one version of JMP before the other.  If you have 32-bit EG you can try to fix it by running this command from a Windows Command Prompt (all on one line):

%windir%\SysWow64\reg.exe add HKCR\CLSID\{97BCFCC0-7822-11CF-9E68-0020AF24E9FE}\LocalServer32 /ve /d "C:\Program Files\SAS\JMP\11\jmp.exe /Automation"

Double-check the installation location of JMP 11 to make sure the path is correct for your install.


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