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SAS Enterprise Guide

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SAS Enterprise Guide

For what propose we use SAS Enterprise Guide?

Thanks in advance .
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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide

This is a hard question to answer. Who is "we"??

Personally I use Enterprise Guide in 2 different contexts:
1) I have a local install of SAS 9.2 on my work computer and I use EG as a graphical user interface (GUI) or "front end" to SAS. I use the tasks and wizards in EG to generate code which is submitted behind the scenes to my local installation in order to read, analyze,graph and report on data that I use in my work as a teacher.

2) I also use EG as part of the SAS Platform for Business Intelligence, and in that context EG interacts with the BI Platform metadata as a client application. This mode of use allows me to access platform reports, information maps, OLAP cubes and stored well as using the EG tasks and wizards on the data and files that have been defined in the platform metadata to produce reports, graphs and analysis.

I would suggest that you read some of the material on SAS Enterprise Guide for more usage scenarios.

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