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SAS Enterprise Guide to Teradata active sessions/threads

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SAS Enterprise Guide to Teradata active sessions/threads

Currently, SAS EG is set up with pre-assigned libraries toTeradata. These create threads to Teradata for however many databases that I have pre-assigned . When I open a database in SAS EG, it creates an addition thread to Teradata. When I click on and open a table, it creates an additional thread to Teradata. When I have the library NOT assigned and then assign it, there is only one thread created whereas there would be two if i were to have it already pre-assigned and then opened it and that's before clicking on a table, which creates another thread to Teradata. 


The issue I am trying to tackle is to limit the amount of threads that SAS users to Teradata. One way is to un-check all pre-assigned libraries and then assign as needed or to have the most commonly used libraries be pre-assigned. I am asking for best practices in limiting threads to Teradata because these open threads take up Teradata resources that our ETL may need to load tables or run reports in COGNOS from Teradata. Is there a setting in SAS Management Console that can help with limiting threads/sessions or timeout unused threads after a certain time? Why is a new thread created even though I have the library already assigned? It seems that it's probably better to keep it unassigned and then assign it and I'll have one less thread. Open to any thoughts or suggestions.

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide to Teradata active sessions/threads

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If you add the option DEFER = YES to your Teradata pre-assigned libraries, a session should only be opened when the library is opened by the user. This would be considered a best practice option.


Also setting the maximum number of sessions allowed on your libraries may be helpful:


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