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SAS Enterprise Guide presentations at SAS Global Forum

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SAS Enterprise Guide presentations at SAS Global Forum

Are you attending SAS Global Forum this year? Want to hear what SAS and your peers have to share about EG?

Some of the SAS presentations include:

  • Extending SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office with Custom Tasks
  • The Next Generation of Desktop Business Intelligence- SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office
  • The New World of SAS: Programming with SAS Enterprise Guide
  • Hands-On Workshop: SAS® Business Intelligence Applications
  • Empowering Your SAS® Business Intelligence End Users via a SAS® Stored Process
  • Integrated Reporting Using SAS®9 BI Clients

There are also many presentations offered by fellow SAS users, including these titles:

  • Creating Custom Add-ins for SAS Enterprise Guide and the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office
  • Dynamic Projects in SAS® Enterprise Guide® – How to Create and Use Parameters
  • A "SAS® Programmer's" Guide to SAS® Enterprise Guide®
  • Point-and-Click Style Editing in SAS® Enterprise Guide®
  • SAS® Enterprise Guide® and Stored Processes
  • SAS/CONNECT to Mainframes and Servers in SAS Enterprise Guide 4 Using SAS Code
  • Data on Demand with SAS® Enterprise Guide®: A Cheap and Easy Approach to Real-Time Database Access
  • Creating ActiveX Graphs for Presentations Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® and Drill-Down Graphs Too
  • Benchmarking Sub-Annual Series to Annual Totals – From Concepts to SAS® Procedure and SAS® Enterprise Guide® Custom Task

And more! Search for more titles and topics, and plan your conference accordingly.

We'll also be in the SAS demo room to meet you and answer any questions you have, plus gather your feedback. Stop by and say hello!

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