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SAS Enterprise Guide Viewer?

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SAS Enterprise Guide Viewer?

Hi - I am a new SAS Enterprise Guide user.  I have created some useful applications but need to share the results with my co-workers.  Is there a way to share and allow others to use what I create with out them buying a license?

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Viewer?

If your goal is to simply share the results 'Send to' > E-mail Recipient as a step in Project... is the easiest option. You will need access to a SMTP server for this functionality. 


If you do not have access to a SMTP server Gmail is an option following the steps described in the article below.


Using Gmail to send a message via SAS Enterprise Guide


Also make sure in GMAIL select the top right icon for your profile (maybe pic or first letter of name) > My Account > Sign-in &security > scroll to the bottom and change "Allow less secure apps:' to the ON position

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Viewer?

You can easily export your results to Excel, CSV or Word format - alternatively there's a free SAS data Set viewer they could download.

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