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SAS Enterprise Guide Send to Command help

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SAS Enterprise Guide Send to Command help

Hello all-

New to this SAS support community. I've gone about developing a program to generate a few charts and have been trying to send them to an excel file so that I can link the charts to a dashboard generation template. Set of 150+ graphs that pick and choose graphs to create 15 or so decks.

In any case, I am using the "Send to" command to send the charts to excel, however the charts are always stacked on top of one another, which does not allow me to link the range (camera). I've thought of using DDE, however it seems as though the level of coding required would be well beyond my expertise.

Any help would be great!



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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Send to Command help

I would be very tempted to look at what your dashboards are creating and see I I could make them in SAS. Skip a middleman so to speak.

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Send to Command help

Unfortunately I am unable to show the data or charts due to it being proprietary in nature. I can give you an idea structurally, however. The graphs are simple graphs generated by SAS enterprise guide 4.3, nothing really to them. I have them contained within a single program, which when run, has an html output showing the graphs in succession. When I select "send to excel," however, they show up stacked on top of one another. There is no numeric data being exported, just charts.

The goal is to have an export where the charts are sent to excel in a manner where they are not overlapping one another, thereupon the cell ranges where they reside can be linked to a main template. I hope that helps give some insight as to what I am trying to accomplish.


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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Send to Command help

You have a couple of options.

1. Generate each chart as a PNG or PDF instead of using excel and then use those in your dashboard. You can control the names so your references are static.

2. Try the ODS MS_OFFICE_2K destination.

If you're not willing to generate fake data and fake graphs then I suggest working with Tech Support rather than the forums.

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Send to Command help

If you are using Send to Excel from the results view, then you might actually be looking at SAS Report output, not HTML.  And Send to Excel uses the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office (also installed on your machine).

If you've got all of that, then you could take this SAS program and create a stored process from it (registering it in the SAS environment so that it be used outside of EG).   And if your eventual goal is a slide deck, you can then run the stored process from within PowerPoint directly.

If you have the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, and you want your output to be in an Office doc eventually, driving that from within Office (using its connection to SAS) gives you the most flexibility.

Here's a short video about the latest features in the Add-In:

SAS Tech Talk: SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office - YouTube


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