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SAS Enterprise Guide Questions

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SAS Enterprise Guide Questions

My following commands are no longer working now. I am not sure what is causing the problem. I got recently installed hotfix for SAS Enterprise Guide and upgraded microsoft office. I did test with simple SAS statement as below. I did not get an error message and did not create directory either. There statements are working fine a few weeks ago. Any suggestions. Thanks.

filename fileref PIPE ‘a DOS command’;
%SYSEXEC Statement

for example,
Filename fileref PIPE ‘mkdir “c:\a dir”’;
Data _null_;
Infile fileref;
Input ;
Put _infile_;
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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Questions

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General submitting shell commands x piping etc... are turned-off in EG. But if system option –ALLOWXCMD is turned on you can do that. Maybe when the hotfix was applied this options was deactivated.

there is a work around using the MODULE function, below is a paper that I wrote that shows how to create directiory by accessing the Windows API directing.
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