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SAS Enterprise Guide Oracle Error

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SAS Enterprise Guide Oracle Error

Hello All,


All of my users that I support have reported that they cannot access one of their tables in SAS Enterprise Guide 7.2. They all appear to get a stack overflow error when trying to open the table. The program will freeze up for awhile and eventually spit out the error message


"SAS Enterprise Guide cannot open the data file: "ods finance.TRANSACTION_HISTORY". [Error] ORACLE execute error: ORA-01652: unable to extend temp segment by 8192 in tablespace ODSTEMP."


Anyone have any idea what a solution for this would be? I have little experience using SAS, so any input would be appreciated, thank you!

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Oracle Error

I believe that SAS is passing back an error message it is receiving when it accesses Oracle. I'm pretty sure the part that begins "ORA-01652" is the message that Oracle is passing back to SAS. It seems to be saying that it can't get the space it needs.


First, you could start with your SAS administrator. But most likely this will need to go to the Oracle Database Administrator.


There's almost certainly nothing you can do to solve this problem.



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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Oracle Error

I had a feeling it would likely be out of my control. I have contacted the database admin and we will go from there, thanks for the input!
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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Oracle Error

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