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SAS Enterprise Guide ODA Schedule for Process Flow

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SAS Enterprise Guide ODA Schedule for Process Flow

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I'm just learning about SAS Enterprise Guide OnDemand V 7.11 and trying to figure out how to do schedulling for process automatically.


I've tried the option on the workspace Schedule - Process Flow and then set everything up. The .vbs file is created and when I checked the Task Scheduler, I can see the task I've created for SAS Enterprise Guide.


When the scheduler is running, it only opens pop up windows for Credentials Required, and when I put username and password, the pop up windows is gone and nothing happened after that.


I read in web and they suggest to create xml file to store my credentials (the tutorial is for up to Enterprise Guide V5.1), I already create one but I don't know where to put the file correctly. I put it in the SASHome folder in Program Files but the pop up windows still up.


The credentials I put look like this:

<xml FileVersion=”7.11”> <credentials> <server name=”SASApp” userid=”my-username” password=”my-password”/> </credentials> </xml>


I'm beginning to think that the automatic scheduler is not working on SAS Enterprise Guide OnDemand. Can anybody walk me through this?


Much appreciated.


Best Regards,

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide ODA Schedule for Process Flow

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We just upgraded to EG 7.1 and are having problems with scheduling.  Toward the bottom of the vbs script, there is a msgbox command that is commented out. If you uncomment it, it should display a message box that shows you the error code.  On our installation, the script cannot successfully execute the CreateObject function.  I've heard that this is a known bug in EG that is being addressed in a future "Hot Fix"

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide ODA Schedule for Process Flow

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Dear Pamela,


Thank you for your reply.


Okay now I'm assuming there is nothing wrong with Scheduling in SAS EG ODA.

Will try to check the error later to see if I got the same error.

Hopefully they applying the fix on EG ODA also.


Best Regards,



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