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SAS Enterprise Guide: Getting Started

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SAS Enterprise Guide: Getting Started

ok, i have a problem with the progam 

it says a connection to the server "local" could not be estabilished

i don't know what i Did wrong, i tried prompt using the sas.exe as instructed in many places, couldn't find the sas.exe

i tried downloading a bunch of progams from the sas but also didnt work

i downloaded the foundation something which required the management that also required a delivery by email or cd.

i don't know what progams are required to estabilish a local server 

i downloaded the oracle virtualbox-sas university edition to avoid the problem but i manage to find problems there

the version is 7.15hf2

system version- none

system command - none

operating system Windows 8





honestly i dont what im doing, my english is close to mid-grade, and barely started college

i need help

sorry if the gramar offends you

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide: Getting Started

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 SAS Enterprise Guide (EG) can run SAS programs in two different ways:

  1. Locally, on the same machine EG is installed on
  2. Remotely, on a dedicated SAS server

In order for EG to run SAS programs locally, SAS Foundation (i.e. base SAS) has to be installed and it has to have an up-to-date license.  If base SAS is installed, but the license is expired, then EG will only tell you that "A connection to the server "Local" could not be established". 

Here is what I would do if I were you.

  1. Verify that your license file has not expired
    • if it has expired, then contact your SAS Site representative to get an updated license
  2. If the license file has not expired and EG still doesn't work, then reinstalling both SAS Foundation and SAS Enterprise Guide
    • It is also worth double checking to make sure that the versions listed in the license are the same as the versions installed
  3. If 2 doesn't fix your problem, then I recommend submitting a ticket to SAS.  
    • If for whatever reason you are unable to submit a ticket to SAS, then report back here.  Hopefully, someone smarter than me can help you out.

Good luck!

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