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SAS Enterprise Guide Freezing on Sort

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SAS Enterprise Guide Freezing on Sort



I have a file with approximately 35,000 records and 77 variables.  I was trying to resize one of the columns in the Output Data window and accidentally must have clicked on the Sort function in that column.  Twenty minutes later, I'm still waiting for SAS EG to start functioning again.


What can I do to automatically size columns in the data viewer?  Is there anything that can be done to speed searches for values in SAS EG?  As it is, I export the data to Excel at a key point in the processing to search and modify records because EG is so incredibly slow.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Freezing on Sort

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My preferred way of searching is to use the new WHERE statement option in EG 7.11 Data Viewer. This doesn't require sorting and performance is very good even on 1 million plus row tables. Result sets are selected and returned in under 20 seconds normally.


If you don't have EG 7.11 you can easily request this from SAS.

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