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SAS Enterprise Guide Error

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SAS Enterprise Guide Error

We have SAS Enterprise Guide server edition in our company. I have an EG project which had a program and a scheduler running on the program. It was running properly at first but now I am getting the following error message when I try to open the project:"You will not be able to save the project as you do not have write access to the project file or the folder where it was open".  I know that no one else uses the project.


Any ideas why am I getting this error all of a sudden? 


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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Error

This could be caused by the permissions of the folder the project is stored in having changed. Try copying a file into that folder to see if this is the problem.

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Error

Talk to the admins of the virtual desktop. Most probably the issue arises there.

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Error

Two things I would check:

  1. Check in Windows Task Manager to see if there is another unexpected seguide.exe (or if you were scheduling, wscript.exe or cscript.exe) process hanging around. Your .egp file may have a lock held open as a result of still being accessed by one of these processes that did not terminate properly.  If you don't have any EG windows open and no Windows task scheduler jobs running, then you shouldn't see any seguide.exe, wscript.exe, or cscript.exe processes running.  If you do, and confident they shouldn't be there, you can kill those processes (or restart your computer).  Another option is to use a utility that will identify processes that are locking files, so you can see exactly what process is accessing your .egp file.
  2. Check the file permissions on the .egp file to make sure you have write access on the file.

The first one is much more likely.



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