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SAS Enterprise Guide Docking .sas files

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SAS Enterprise Guide Docking .sas files

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I'm just familiarizing myself with SAS EG (today is pretty much my second day) and there are a still a few things i can't figure out and google isn't helping me.


1.  How can i view multiple .sas files side by side?  In SAS 9.3 (my usual haunt), i can do this easily.  Everytime i go to view and choose side by side or something, it always opens the process flow window (which i closed.  On purpose.  Multiple times.  Because i don't want it right now).


2.  When i run code and output pops up, how do i close that output from the tabs?  (code, log, output).  I'm sick of flipping over to output and having to choose from the drop down list of all of the output i've created so far.  Just close!  I don't need you ever again!!  Go away!


3.  How do i clear my log window.  Usually i just click the white sheet on the left side of the toolbar in regular SAS, but i'm not seeing anything in EG.


EDIT: 4.  How do i sort the table properties?  In SAS 9.2 i can "view columns" and sort by each column.  Nothing is clickable in EG table properties.  Can you not sort the EG version of view columns?





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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide Docking .sas files

1. View - Workspace Layout - Side-by-Side. You can only do this with 2 programs. SAS Studio brings back tabbing like in Display Manager though.


2. Uncheck the EG option - automatically open data and results when generated. You can find this under Tools - Options - Results - General. 


3. No need to clear Log window as it is overwritten with each program submission. If you want to keep a Log history then activate the Project Log.


4. Don't think that is possible. If open a SAS table so it is in the Process Flow window, you can do a Properties  - Coloumns - Copy to clipboard and paste into Excel then sort.

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