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SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 Freezes

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SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 Freezes

When modify existing query in SAS EG 7.1 I was using the up arrow to move multiple columns further up in the Seelct Data list. During this process the screen locked.  Showed Running Validate: query name Running Proc SQL.  Not sure why the validate step started to run.  The query no longer responded and had to close EG via Task Manager.  Myself and a colleaugue have been having problems with EG locking since went to version 7.1.  The project was built in EG 7.1 and the query I was editing is reading one work table created by the previous step in the project.   Has anyone else encountered similar problems with EG 7.1 lockng when modifying a query? 

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 Freezes

Hmm, I actually did yesterday with SAS EG 7.13 HF1 running on a Windows 7 Enterprise, SP1, 64 bit.  I was trying to drag and drop some columns and it locked up on me.  I used Task Manager to kill SAS EG.  The problem did not recur.



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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide 7.1 Freezes

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The Same problem occurred to me. So I raised Ticket with SAS Tech support. They gave me the following resolution.


In the query builder when I use the up/down arrow to change field order it will sometimes lock up and I have to crash the SAS instance and start over. 

Go to Tools>Option in SAS EG
Go to Query option

Then uncheck “Automatically validate query whenever changes are made” and “Automatically attempt to join tables in query”

After that, I never face that issue. Hope this helps.

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