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SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 and Office 2010

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SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 and Office 2010

Currently I have a depot setup for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2. We have a few systems that have Microsoft Office 2010 on them. When we go to install our SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 the install fails at the Microsoft Office Add-in Component due to the current version in the depot is incompatible with Microsoft Office 2010. Is there a way to update our existing Depot with the Microsoft Office Add-in 4.3? Or do we need to update to SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3

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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2 and Office 2010

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It should be possible to upgrade AMO Only, best thing to do is talk to you SAS rep so they can produce you the order so you can download the appropirate files for the depot.

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