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SAS Enerprise Guide on Citrix server

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SAS Enerprise Guide on Citrix server

Hello All,

currently our company SAS EG running on windows app and we are planning to deply it throught Citrix server. basically, I wanted to know pros and cons of running SAS on citrix server. we will probably 10 users  in 3 countries (3 different domain).

can you please help me to understand running SAS EG on citrix server? I have read couple of review online- some users says its running good and some are not happy with it.

Please advise- would apperciate your help...


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Re: SAS Enerprise Guide on Citrix server

It depends on Citrix and your connection speeds.  Probably why you're seeing variable reviews.

I've never worked with SAS EG via Citrix but other software and that's always been the case. In a urban center with superfast network speeds it was workable, a bit of a lag always but not a huge issue. I did change my working style, ie coding on editor in current window and copying and pasting it.  Point and Click apps such as Word and Excel were definitely slower.

Working with it on a slow internet connection was rarely worth my time, I would wait until I went into the office.

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Re: SAS Enerprise Guide on Citrix server

Thanks for your reply Reeza, appreciate your time... I will use more concepts and conern also...

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