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SAS EG4.1 - Code Nodes - Prevent Dataset Icons from Showing

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SAS EG4.1 - Code Nodes - Prevent Dataset Icons from Showing


I'm relatively new to EG but long in the tooth on SAS.

When I run a code node in EG, the resultant datasets appear in the Project Designer. Is there an option to tell EG to NOT display these icons on the Project Designer. I have already turned off the automatic open dataset on completion, but I really want my Project Designer to be a little more tidy so that I can see what is going on. At present, a long-ish code node makes the Project Designer very difficult to navigate.

Any thoughts anyone ?


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Re: SAS EG4.1 - Code Nodes - Prevent Dataset Icons from Showing


The way that the code node works: if the SAS program results in a new or changed data set, EG adds the data reference to the project. And once added, it shows in project explorer/designer -- no way to suppress that right now.

The data references added reflect only the net result of the program, not including any data that might have been created and subsequently deleted during the course of the program. So if you don't need the data at all after the program is done, you can add some PROC DATASETS statements at the end to remove it (or PROC SQL DROP TABLE statements...whatever works for you).

Another trick: you can CLEAR the libref at the end of the program -- that's as good as deleting the data as far EG is concerned because it cannot confirm its existence. For example, this program:

libname foo "c:\temp";
data foo.class;
set sashelp.class;
libname foo clear;

Will not add foo.class to your project, even though "c:\temp\class.sas7bdat" still exists when you're done. You could then reassign the library in a subsequent code node if needed.

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Re: SAS EG4.1 - Code Nodes - Prevent Dataset Icons from Showing

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your swfit reply and your workaround suggestions. I guess I will wait for the next ballot to come around to see if an option can be added.

Many thanks.

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