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SAS EG on UNIX reading mainframe SAS MXG files.

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SAS EG on UNIX reading mainframe SAS MXG files.

Does anyone have any experience/knowledge if mainframe z/OS- SAS MXG PDBs can be read by SAS EG from Unix?
I am inquirinig to see if SAS EG can process the SMF data from a z/OS mainframe.
Examples or any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Ok... it was a little more involved because we do not have Connect(too costly) running on the system where the data is stored.

I was able to use mainframe SAS to access the MXG data and a CSV files to produce a flat file. I then was able to access the flat file via FTP from EG.

Not elegant, but it's the only way I was able to do what I needed.

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Re: SAS EG on UNIX reading mainframe SAS MXG files.

It is part of the MXG doc you could even do the building process of PDB's using SMF as source data. MXG NEWSLETTER FORTY-SEVEN you could even use WPL instead of sas for that.
SAS EG is just a front-end something like a terminal, that one is running at Windows (.NET).  The real SAS processing is done by a SAS WS server. You could connect that one to a Mainframe using SAS/connect (this is what I did).

The question in not whether it is possible to use the PDB that way but how of the many possible options you want to do that.

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