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SAS EG notification that a task has completed

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SAS EG notification that a task has completed


I am very new to SAS EG and SAS in general. I was wondering if there was a way for SAS EG to notifiy you when a task has finished running?

Ideally I don't want a sound notification as I work in a busy office and don't use headphones.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: SAS EG notification that a task has completed

What kind of notification were you looking for?

Sounds besides, depending on your setup, SAS can be configured to send email and (through the email to text process most cell carriers have) the coding could also send text messages.

Setting up email is very specific to your situation but there are tons of sas papers on the subject and further assistance could be had from submitting a help ticket to SAS. For instance in our setup we needed the mail server address and its port number that it used in order to setup the process correctly. The default SAS options (at least with outlook and exchange) had SAS try to send mail through outlook which puts up a dialogue box before any mail is sent.

Hope this helps.


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