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SAS EG for production reporting

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SAS EG for production reporting

Anyone using EG for production reporting systems? I'm very interested in any experiences and tips.

Specifically, we're seeking to schedule daily, weekly, and hourly jobs on Windows XP server using EG as the primary development and data reviewing process. We'll have about 1,000 different jobs to run over various schedules.

Our data size is relatively small most of the time, 30 seconds and under to run. Some are larger and take up to 10 minutes.

We are most interested in audits, conditional starts (i.e. data occured in a certain range, run job A, otherwise run job B).

Suggestions? Comments?
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Re: SAS EG for production reporting

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You cannot directly replace the functionality of regular SAS using EG. For instance, using EG, try this common control technique:

data _null_ ;
if &sqlobs = '0' then abort abend 9 ;
run ;

There are other gotchas as well.
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Re: SAS EG for production reporting

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I have spoken with customers about how they typically maintain such an environment. It is different than straight batch SAS submission, but nearly as flexible but with some integration that EG offers that isn't in batch SAS.

1) They put a central PC/high-end desktop in the data center that the main admins for SAS can remote desktop into. This machine is always on and on a high speed network.

2) They use the project scheduling capability in EG. This is VB script based and leverages Windows AT (scheduler.) Note- EG can also act as an OLE Automation client to be called from other apps if desired.

3) People can customize the VB scripts for a variety of purposes. For example, here is an example VB script to allow passing custom parameters into the project at run time (by Chris Hemedinger on our Dev Team):

Option Explicit
Dim app
Dim prjName
Dim prjObject
Dim parmList
Dim parm

prjName = "C:\temp\autowithparams.egp" 'Project Name

' start the app and open the project
Set app = CreateObject("SASEGObjectModel.Application.4")
Set prjObject = app.Open(prjName,"")

' discover the parameters
Set parmList = prjObject.Parameters
Wscript.Echo "Project has " & parmList.Count & " parameters."

' work with the first parameter
Set parm = parmList.Item(0)
WScript.Echo parm.Name & " parameter has default value of " & parm.DefaultValue
parm.Value = "M"

WScript.Echo parm.Name & " parameter has been set to value of " & parm.Value

' run the project

WScript.Echo parm.Name & " parameter has been set after Run to value of " & parm.Value


Also refer to and for more details.

Best regards,
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Re: SAS EG for production reporting

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Thansk Stephen! Any other pointers?
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