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SAS EG connection to unix mysql server

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SAS EG connection to unix mysql server

Guys, I need to create a connection from my  local server i.e in Windows OS to  Unix my sql server.

I need to transfer my sas datsets which is in local server1.e  windows os to unix mysql server.

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Re: SAS EG connection to unix mysql server

I don't know MySQL, but I often simply FTP SAS datasets from one platform to another.  SAS is generally able to use its cross-platform tools to read them.

If you have a more specific question about the transfer, maybe you could re-frame the question.  Are you asking about doing it within the EGuide context?

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Re: SAS EG connection to unix mysql server

Several ways, depending on your setup.

If you want to do it directly, you need to have SAS/ACCESS to MySQL licensed, either on Windows (if your Base SAS/Foundation is on your desktop) or on UNIX (if Base SAS/Foundation is installed there). You also need to set up the connection to the database (usually involves installation/setup of the dbms client that SAS/ACCESS will then use).

Or you can export the data from SAS to a suitably formatted flat file that the DBMS can then import.

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