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SAS EG : cannot connect to remote unix server

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SAS EG : cannot connect to remote unix server


I am trying to connect the SAS EG to a remote UNIX server but when I add the server name/login, password etc it gives me the error saying

“Could not establish a connection to the SAS server on the requested machine. Verify that the SAS server has been started with the -objectserver option or that the SAS spawner has been started. Verify that the port Combridge is attempting to connect to is the same as the port SAS (or the spawner) is listening on”.

I have used port 8561,8581, 8571 and 8591 but all gives the same message. Is it possible that SAS EG is not installed in the unix server which is whey i am not able to connect? I though EG now comes with Base SAS Package(Base SAS is installed in that remote unix server).

The same message occurs when I try to connect using SAS Addin for Microsoft Office with word or excel.

Any help is really appreciated.

Thank you,
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Re: SAS EG : cannot connect to remote unix server

Hi P.S.,

You have to double check that on the Unix side the object spawner is running and find out the port it is listening to. Consult your system admin. Your attempts suggest you're currently guessing. Port 8561 is the default for the first metadata server installed but it may be different for you. You are advised to collect all the basic connectivity parameters first before proceeding.

The message suggests the object spawner (the program listening on the Unix server for incoming requests) may not be running. This is also something to check with your system admin.

Next the remote machine should be accessible fro your PC by the machine name you use to refer to it. Use a command like ping to check this basic connectivity. DNS errors are tell-tale signs something is wrong.

Last but not least check if maybe a firewall is blocking you from accessing the right port. (Re-)configure the firewall if needed.

Excel Add-in and EG both use the same basic mechanism to connect so no surprise they share the same problem.

Good luck.
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Re: SAS EG : cannot connect to remote unix server

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Hi jklaverstijn,

Thank you for the reply. Currently we use PC SAS and submit the code remotely to that unix sas server using rsubmit. This piece is working fine.
I am also able to invoke interactive sas using exceed from that unix server.

The problem i am having is that I want to use SAS EG from my PC to connect to the server and submit my sas programs instead of using RSUBMIT and that is not working.

I contacted the admin but i was told that since EG was expensive they did not end up installing that in the server but again I thought EG was a part of Base SAS Package now. I could be wrong.

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Re: SAS EG : cannot connect to remote unix server

To connect EG to your remote Unix server, you need SAS/Integration Technologies to be installed/configured on the Unix server. That's the part that represents the extra cost that your admin referred to.

SAS/CONNECT: allows one SAS session (such as your local SAS on your PC) to connect with another remote SAS session

SAS Integration Technologies: allows any arbitrary client application (such as EG, or Add-In for Office, or DI Studio, or a custom app) to connect directly to a remote SAS session.

Still, it's worth a discussion with your SAS account representative to see what can be done to obtain that piece of connectivity. SAS Integration Technologies is part of many SAS solutions (including BI and Enterprise BI) and might not be out of reach. Your SAS account representative would be able to assess and tell you more.

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