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SAS EG and Dashboard

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SAS EG and Dashboard


I am relatively new to SAS EG. we have a workstation that installed SAS EG and Base SAS, and bought DI (data integration) module, but no BI portion. I would like to know how other people doing with SAS EG and/or DI, do you have a SAS BI to go with it? if not what product do you use to work with SAS EG or DI?

Do you have dashboard created directly from SAS? does it support mobile?

I am trying to figure out what the products we are missing and how many alternative options we might have in order to create dashboard and users could access it through multiple devices.



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Re: SAS EG and Dashboard

SAS DI is an ETL tool  wherein you can extract data from various DBs, input file etc and transform it


SAS EG is powerful tool that can be used based on the user.

It can be used as SAS programing or as ETL tool

It can be used for anlaytics, wherein user can peform various analysis present under Tasks Menu.

It can be used for creating various kind of reports.


Coming to SAS BI question, yes you need SAS BI separately to create dashboard for your organisation.

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