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SAS EG Results in Email Body

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SAS EG Results in Email Body

Within SAS EG, is there a way to send query results, reports, etc. in the body of an email as opposed to as an attachment?

I need to generate an automated daily email based on a predefined email body template with roughly 10 metrics. The value of these metrics will vary each day, and should appear in the email message itself rather than in an attached report.

Report Date: MM/DD/YYYY
Metric Value
X 100
Y 90

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Re: SAS EG Results in Email Body

For this, you will have to use SAS statements to achieve what you want. You will need to use the FILENAME EMAIL method. You should be able to run such programs within SAS Enterprise Guide.

Here's a helpful conference paper from Chuck Hunley:

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Re: SAS EG Results in Email Body

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The paper was quite useful. However, I'm still having one issue.

I'd like to embed an image from my hard drive into the body of the email. I can attach the image as an attachment, but within the email body I'm only seeing the dreaded red x. Outlook settings are not the issue.


put '';

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