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SAS EG Project Scheduling help

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SAS EG Project Scheduling help


I am very new to SAS EG.

I have a AIX server and windows 7 environment. Windows scheduler is on and working fine.

My SAS EG project consists of only one program

libname output "/gpfs1/out_area";

libname source oracle user="" password="";

data output.mortg;

set source.mortg_v;


The code runs absolutely fine and I need to schedule it on dataset arrival condition in source.

I scheduled it from SAS EG and it did create the .vbs file.

I am unable to go to the next steps

1. If i double click on the .vbs file it gives error

2. How to add this file in windows scheduler

Any help is really appreciated

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Re: SAS EG Project Scheduling help

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the EG created a .job-File in %windir%\Tasks

But, at the moment, I stand in front of a similar Problem. The Task-Manager (i don't know the correct Englisch translation, in german it's called "Aufgabenplanung") doesn't show the .job-Files in %windir%\Tasks, but the .xml-Files in %windir%\system32\Tasks.

That is no solution for me, because i need an overview of all upcoming tasks (both folders)

So, until I find out more, i will schedule the *.sas Files (Safe them from the EG) by hand.

The Problem is, that the Metafiles, like LIBNAMES/FILENAMES or any other Settings, you possibly made in the EG and not in the source-code, doesn't exist in the .sas File.

But if you only have those two libname's from your sample, it should work.

I plan a Job with the Task-Manager.
Action: Start a Program

Program/Script: C:\SASHome\x86\SASFoundation\9.3\sas.exe

Options: -CONFIG "C:\SASHome\x86\SASFoundation\9.3\nls\de\sasv9.cfg" -autoexec "[YOUR-PATH]\" -sysin "[YOUR-PATH\YOUR-PROGRAMNAME].sas"  -log  "[YOUR-PATH\YOUR-LOGFILE].log"

You should check the Paths and maybe delete the -autoexec... string, if you don't use it.

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Re: SAS EG Project Scheduling help

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His/her SAS is running on AIX, so you need to store the .sas and run the sas executable there.

If we knew how to detect the dataset arrival, we could provide a proper UNIX shell script which would then be run periodically by the cron daemon.

OTOH, I suspect that the creation of the source dataset is also handled by a scheduling system, so the most prudent option is to have the SAS job started by that.

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