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SAS EG - New User

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SAS EG - New User


I am new SAS user and have got SAS EG license at office. Initially i was getting an error saying - current repositories does not have any servers defined etc etc..I configured the SAS EG to a server (ZLIAP003..i am not sure what is this).

Now i dont get the error but am unable to work on my local it importing files or defining libraries, i keep on getting the error that data doesn't exists. or the path doesn't exist.

Need your help to resolve this issue.


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Re: SAS EG - New User

Hi Kunal,

Check this sample note

when ever you install EG on local machine(want to run on local machine) make sure you also install the foundation services along with it.



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Re: SAS EG - New User


SAS EG is a CLIENT. SAS EG gives you a powerfull interface to write SAS code or to use wizards which in the background write SAS code for you. BUT: You need a SAS Server to actually execute your code. All the paths and the data must be accessible from your SAS Server and all the paths must be written in the way as they are seen from your SAS Server (where SAS executes). So c:\... is not the c-drive on your local machine but the c-drive of your server.

You can have several servers defined in EG. If you want to execute stuff on your personal machine you would need to see a server "local". If there is one then it means the full SAS is also installed on your local machine (so the Server component) and you can run stuff directly on your machine. Else you need to connect to a remote Server.

EG has an import wizard which allows you to import data from your local environment (you find that under Files/import). What happens there: EG (the client) uses some .net components to convert your data and combine it with some SAS code. This data/code bundle is then sent to the Server where the code is executed and reads the accompanying data - and the result is a SAS table (on the Server - but you can look at it using the EG client).

Hope that gave you some more clarity as a start.

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