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SAS EG Help!

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SAS EG Help!

Hello! I have been using Base SAS for many years and consider myself a good SAS programmer. We recently got SAS EG at work and I have basic-basic questions, for which I can't find answers on the internet.

Ques1) In Base SAS, if I don't close my session, my Macros, macro variables, libnames etc stay in effect for all programs, till I close SAS. In EG, if I open a new Project, do I have to invoke all these again, even if I haven't closed SAS EG? In short, is opening a new project similar to opening a new SAS session?

Ques2) My programs have to run in order - Prog1 then Prog2. Not sure how to maintain this order in SAS EG project. Suppose I open Prog2 in  SAS EG first and then open prog1 (coz as stated above the macros are not invoked!) and even if I drag the code in the correct order in the Project Tree window, under Programs, it still runs Prog2 first and of course, it bombs out.

If I save a project with the correct order in which I want to the programs to run, it still runs the programs in the order they were added to the project.

Hopefully I have explained my issue correctly. FYI, I am running code on the SAS Server.

Thank you much!

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Re: SAS EG Help!

I can't help on 1).  I always worked in a batch environment prior to EGuide, so I prefer to start from scratch every time.

On 2), if your programs are in program notes or tasks in EGuide, then you can specify the order in the process flow window by right-clicking on Prog1 and then selecting the "link to" item.  Select Prog 2 as the item to link Prog1 to.  I have had success ordering regular processes that way (it doesn't always work with the e-mail task, as that is a client task and the others are server tasks).

Doc Muhlbaier


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Re: SAS EG Help!

For 2/ The order of running
SAS programs, Duke has answered.

You have many advantages with Eguide interactive running SAS. There are many
differences in the approach to running in batch.

A difference with SAS/base
is that the logging and output of executed code can be saved and retrieved with
the EG-project

For 1/ You still have the
option to run you own code

Your session will be set-up
defined by as SAS-admin. Depending how the environment is deployed expect the following.

  • Starting a session is connecting a SAS session running with personal credentials (Workspace
    Server). This is the key you have logged on.
  • Expect this SAS session to behave as you always have experienced. Within the lifetime
    of this SAS session all is kept. Closing a session (disconnect) and restarting
    will reset everything.


Opening a project is not the same as opening a session. Sessions are visible at the
server-list window.  You possible could have many sessions, running jobs parallel  

A project can consist of more than one project flow.  Chris Hemedinger has done a lot of blogging on Eguide.

  • There could be some nasty differences with macro-variables.
    Just become aware of them. Normally they not hurting you. The can be used for
    entry-pop up windows for you code.
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