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SAS EG Export Error for .sas7bdat format file

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SAS EG Export Error for .sas7bdat format file

I am trying to export the SAS data set from EG to my local Computer(Desktop) with .sas7bdat format(SAS File), but its giving error below two errors.

when i tried to export the SAS data set from SAS EG, steps done- right click the user created SAS dataset > export > I select .sas7bdat to my desktop.

But getting errors in 2 prompts as

- "An Error Occurred executing the workspace job "xxxxx - Export step". SDS Failed to provide the SAS workspace. the system cannot find the path specified.

in second prompt

- An Error occurred saving the file. xxxxx - Export Step. The Open data operation failed.The Following Error Occurred. The system cannot find the path specified.

no issue with other files export like excel or other type of files.

Can you please suggest me what needs to be done to fix this?



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Re: SAS EG Export Error for .sas7bdat format file

It looks to me like you're doing everything correctly.

I would suggest first trying it a second time, if you haven't already, and see if it works. Random glitches are always a possibility.

Two other things that occur to me:

Could the file be so big that copying it to your desktop is filling up your hard disk? Or could you somehow not have file write permissions to your desktop?

Could it be that your metadata permissions don't permit copying SAS files to your local drive. I don't have a managed environment available, so I can't test this. It seems an odd diagnostic if this is the case.

To be honest, these are both long shots. If somebody else on the forums can't suggest the answer, I'd refer it to SAS tech support. They are very capable and helpful.


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Re: SAS EG Export Error for .sas7bdat format file

An alternative method that might be faster and more reliable: use the Tasks->Data->Download SAS Data Sets task.  This will transfer the data as a SAS7BDAT file directly from your SAS Workspace to the local PC.

"Export as a Step" works differently: it uses a local SAS Workspace to create a new data set, and creates the file record-by-record.


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