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SAS EG Expiry Issue

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SAS EG Expiry Issue

Dear All,


I am unable to open SAS EG as a pop message says "The Version of SAS Enterprise Guide expired on December 1st, 2015"


I have activated new license key but the issue still persist. The SAS support team informed:


"This issue you are facing is documented in the following SAS note. This is due to the fact that Enterprise Guide has a built in “die date” depending on the release.  Customers can apply a hotfix to update the dates of their EGUIDE.


SAS® Enterprise Guide® expiration dates -"


As the information security policy in my company doesnt allow me to download the .EXE file and to further execute it. Can anyone please help me to share other way around to have this issue fixed.


Appreciate your support in this regard.





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Re: SAS EG Expiry Issue

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Hi Ather,


There is no other work around, you'll need to install the hot fix as SAS Tech Support team advised.


Kind Regards,


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Re: SAS EG Expiry Issue

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@MichelleHomes is correct -- you'll need the patch to update the expiration date.


Here's a little background on why SAS Enterprise Guide uses this mechanism.  You should have been seeing warnings leading up until this day, but I would understand if you interpreted those as SETINIT warnings and not specific to SAS Enterprise Guide.



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Re: SAS EG Expiry Issue

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It sounds like you have to get your IT staff involved in downloading and having them do the patch. It may be that after doing that once they might set up some exception.


If that doesn't work then letting management know that the $ they spent is being wasted as the software isn't updated due to IT policy. That could get attention.

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