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SAS EG: Don't run a process path

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SAS EG: Don't run a process path

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Sorry for the simple question, I am quite new on SAS EG.


I created a process with one prompt, and a lot of Query Builder tasks.

The path of the process is linear (one path), until a node followed by two paths: two distinct tasks. The two paths are finally joined for the process ending.


Following the choice of the prompt, I would like only one path run.

Of course I can modify all Query Builder by SAS EG programs and say:

if &prompt = A then execute a macro

But I would to do it only once at the beginning of the path, and that SAS EG understand it has to not run anytthing on the path. I am sure there is a way to do it.


Can you help me on this?


Thank you very much


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Re: SAS EG: Don't run a process path

Interesting question. I am keen to see the replies from EG Experts. 


One way it can be done is add one more clause in where condition of query builder 


and &prompt = A


But if there are many qurey builder in your EG project then adding it to many place would be tedious. 

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Re: SAS EG: Don't run a process path

You need to make at least the first task in a branch dependent on the prompt value.


I have four codes: start, left, right, end

start has a prompt defined that yields either 'right' or 'left' as a macro value.

start is connected with right and left

both right and left are connected with end

left and right each have a condition defined in their properties; the condition is based on the prompt used for start, and they values are either left or right (without quotes)


When I run the process flow, I'm prompted, and either left or right are executed, followed by end.

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