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SAS EG Development Roadmap

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SAS EG Development Roadmap

2 questions:

Is there a SAS EG Development Roadmap available for users to view?
Is there a way for SAS EG users to vote on or suggest EG features?

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Re: SAS EG Development Roadmap


We use SAS Global Forum as, well, a forum to share our future directions with customers. Even if you don't attend SAS Global Forum, you can see the SAS presentation materials at:

There is one presentation from last year about "What's New in SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office". We'll have similar presentations at the 2009 session, covering even more of our future plans.

As far as allowing you to suggest features, you can always send your sessions via this form:

Each suggestion is evaluated for inclusion on the SASWare ballot, where you can then vote for your favorites. Even if it doesn't appear on the ballot, each unique suggestion does come to the development team. A good suggestion doesn't have to win an election before we'll consider implementing it.

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