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SAS EG Data Inputs and Outputs

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SAS EG Data Inputs and Outputs

I am trying to find a way to get an automated listing of the input and output data sources for a SAS EG program - basically anything in the program that isn't part of the temporary working directory. Have not been able to find anything that doesn't involve a lot of manual work.


Is there an automated way to generate the source and output data sets for a program?

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Re: SAS EG Data Inputs and Outputs

In a word no. What you, and many other users have asked or tried, can you automate the documentation of a SAS program by interpreting the source code? Because there are so many ways data can be read or output it would be virtually impossible to do this both automatically and accurately.


Having said that it may be possible to use the SAS DICTIONARY tables to find what datasets have been updated or created by a program. You just wouldn't know whether they are "input" or "output".   


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Re: SAS EG Data Inputs and Outputs

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Thanks, SASKiwi. I should clarify for everyone - the tables I need to document are those that are part of standard libariers, and they are all sitting in the project as objects - so I don't need to parse or inspect manually written code in programs. Because all of our datasets (regardless of which EG project) go to a single output directory, I will also be able to distinguish between ins and outs.


There's a plug-in I found called Report Viewer which seems to be able to read program data related to flows, it just doesn't show the data sets - only the queries. Have also noticed that the project mtc Tool shows the Data Items in the program, you just can't export it.


Both these utilities seem to indicate it's possible to do this, maybe someone just hasn't written the functionality yet? A tool that would otuput project metadata (flows, datasets, etc...) would be a really nice utility.




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Re: SAS EG Data Inputs and Outputs

If the code includes macro's that may definitely not be possible, because the inputs could change from run to run.

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