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SAS EG 7.1 "Send to Excel" option

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SAS EG 7.1 "Send to Excel" option

Hi Team

We have recently migarted from SAS 4.1 to 7.1 . I am trying to send the data onto Excel using the option "Send To" . For the first time, the data gets exported and after that it errors out saying "microsoft excel has stopped working". This error is mostly seen in desktop users . VDI users do not have this issue.

Any advice on why the application behaves differently on desktop and VDI ?

Please advice.



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Re: SAS EG 7.1 "Send to Excel" option

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By "VDI", do you mean a virtual desktop infrastructure?

On the desktop environment, do you know whether the Excel application has any add-ins (including the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office)?  Something like that might be causing this, but if so there is probably a fix.  I suggest tracking it with SAS Technical Support.  They can tell you how to gather some diagnostic information and help to diagnose the problem.


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Re: SAS EG 7.1 "Send to Excel" option

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"Save as" and selecting an Excel format is to prefer.

Since SAS 9.4, the best option is to write the xlsx directly from SAS.

"Send to" works by starting Excel in the background and inserting the data cell by cell, which will be like watching the paint dry with larger datasets.

Directly creating a file for Excel (which also includes the .csv format) frees you from any concerns how Excel works in different environments. And with the fact that .xlsx is the first Excel format that is (almost) completely documented, third-party software like SAS is now able to reliably read/write those files.

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