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SAS EG 7.1 crashes

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SAS EG 7.1 crashes

Dear All,


I have recently installed SAS EG 7.1 and I come up with the following issue.


I have checked the option close data grid after period of inactivity from tools - options data - performance only to face the problem that when closing the output, for example , of query SAS tries to open the input data but does not succeed (remains in  loading ...) and becomes unusable.


My only option is to force closing the application but is quite annoying especially if you have work unsaved.


Any ideas how to overcome this issue?

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Re: SAS EG 7.1 crashes

I experienced something similar when installing EG 7.1 on an APPV virtualized environment. But your case seems to be a normal installation, no virtualization on between.


Would this help to you?


Other ideas:


- There might be a firewall (or more than one) that is giving a timeout on the connectivity.

- Extend logging level on project logs might help.

- Do you have EG updated to the latest version?

- Did you checked the Windows Logs? This should also help to understand the exact problem.


Hope it helps.

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Re: SAS EG 7.1 crashes

Hi @Loko - sorry to hear you're having troubles.  @JuanS_OCS made some good suggestions.  Make sure you have the latest (7.12 with hotfixes).


Also, you can turn on Application Logging (Tools->Options) to produce more detailed information.  You won't be able to decipher this on your own unless you mind-meld with the EG developers, but if you decide to open a Tech Support case this information will be very helpful.



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